Meet Francesca Mannino: Italian Personal Tour Guide with St Louis Roots

By Michael J Cross

Francesca Mannino came to St Louis when she was only 10 years old with her entire family and spent an entire 15 years of her life in the Gateway City. Now, she is back in her Sicilian hometown as a personal tour guide. Being bi-lingual makes her job fairly easy. Having lived in the United States, she is a perfect fit for first-time American tourists who want the freedom to explore things themselves on their own schedule but don’t have any knowledge of the Italian language.

Today, Mannino travels all over Italy guiding tourists to see the ancient treasures of the Roman Empire and the renowned sculptures and paintings of the Renaissance but she also enjoys showcasing Italy’s hidden gems which are not so riddled by tourists. Her clients are small groups, families, or just couples who want that personal touch to their journey.

“Many Americans want to experience the best of Italy but the best of Italy is often the hidden treasures of my country and not necessarily the hotspot tourist destinations. I provide my clients with a balanced and personal touch to make a special Italian experience for them,” says Mannino. “I take my clients to places they’ve never heard about, to small villages where people don’t speak English. I want them to experience our life and our food, the depth of our culture.”

Mannino is passionate about her country and she knows its intoxicating brew of dazzling art and earth-shaking history is what Italy is known for. But she insists that the whole of Italy is an ‘open-air museum’, that every province and every village has a unique story to tell.

“The beauty of Italy is that every town has its own specialty products, dialects and customs. I invite every client to become a member of our Italian family. I want them to leave with a lasting impression, taking a piece of our heritage with them.”
To contact Francesca with questions, please email her: or give her a call: 011 39 3333219513

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