Meet Dr. Claudia Cantoni

#PostdocsGoLIVE: Meet Dr. Claudia Cantoni


Dr. Claudia Cantoni is a postdoctoral researcher in the Piccio lab (Department of Neurology), where she’s exploring the different expression profiles of microRNAs and their implications in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Dr. Cantoni has recently showed that a miR-223 is highly expressed in myeloid cells and acts as an important modulator of their development and immunosuppressive function in MS and its animal model.

Claudia’s time at WashU has been industrious, with her obtaining two prestigious fellowships, travel grants, was a finalist for the O’Leary prize competition and authored several publications. Her hard work has allowed her to be salary-independent for all of her postdoctoral experience, and now she believes is the time for a transition to an independent investigator.

“I came here by myself and I did not know anybody, I was afraid to fly and my English was very poor”. Claudia continues: “Now after 6 years I have a second family, many friends, I can communicate well, and I am flying from here to there for meetings or vacations without any fear anymore, maybe just a little bit! WashU helped me grow up and now St. Louis feels like home even if I am 7000 km far from Italy.”

Claudia has a bubbly personality and always ready to help. Her friends call her “Sindaco” which translates to “The Mayor”. She’s been living enough in St. Louis to give everyone advices where to eat, shop, or even change the tires of the car! Advice Claudia gives to postdocs in St. Louis: “There’s no real Italian food in The Hill”. Craving for Authentic Italian food? Now we all know where to go: Claudia’s place! And for good company too.

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