NEWS: As of May 27, 2017, a new association with Stratege, LLC. based in St. Louis, MO. now takes Joe Palermo’s program “Joe Palermo’s Paranormology” in the direction of television syndication.

Stratege, LLC owner, Monica Nettles Johnson, is joining with this effort as “broadcast media consultant.” “There’s about to be a resurgence in paranormal TV shows and I plan to be among the first and the best.” states executive Joe Palermo.

Palermo is currently preparing the syndication sizzle reel to gain television stations interest. “What I’ve produced in the past was intended for Internet release. Now I’m creating a new look and feel for television release.”

Companies desiring television audience exposure have a prime opportunity with this new direction. “We need production funds to produce 12 half hour episodes. I’m willing to bring sponsors on board for all 12 episodes for a deal unheard of in the television business.”

More details will be posted once the sizzle reel is completed and available for viewing.

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