Italian Trivia by Angelo Sita

Italian Trivia
(Answers will be available on link provide soon)


  1. Name the sea that is between Italy and Croatia.

2. What is the highest mountain in Italy?

3. What Italian composer was known at the “Red Priest”

4. The milk of what animal is used in the production of real Mozzarella cheese?

4. Al Pacino and Robert Di Nero were both in the movie The Godfather II, but were not together in any scene. What was the first movie where they did appear in the same scene?

6. Sofia Loren is known around the world. What was her real name?

7. Who was the last Italian Pope?

8. What type of game would you be playing if you played Scopa?

9. In what year did Italy win its first World Cup?

10. What is the only work of art that Michelangelo signed?

11. The oldest university in Europe in located in what Italian City?

12. There are many saints buried in churches all over Italy.  In what Italian city would you find the remains of St. Nicolas (Santa Claus)?

13. Where is the Pope’s summer residence?

14. What Italian American actress won an Academy Award in Woody Allen’s movie Mighty Aphrodite?

15. What does the word “italia” mean?

16. Who is considered the Father of the Italian Language?

17. In Italy if you participate in the passeggiata what would you be doing?

18. What musical instrument is Andrea Amati credited with creating?

19. Who was the first artist to use perspective in painting?

20. The Republic of Venice lasted for over a thousand years. Who was responsible for bringing it to an end?

21. What city is the fashion capital of Italy?

22. In what Italian city will you find a Greek Temple converted into a Catholic Church?

23. What Italian unification leader was asked by President Lincoln to be a general in the Union Army?

24. What was the first Italian city to obtain a population of one million residents?

25. There are two major active volcanoes in Italy. Name them.





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