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Sicilian is a Romance language spoken on the island of Sicily, and in southern Calabria and southern Apulia on the Italian peninsula, with an estimated 5 million speakers inside Italy (principally in Sicily) and many others in Germany, Australia, Argentina, the USA, and elsewhere.  Due to its central location in the Mediterranean Sea (the “Middle Earth” of the ancient world), Sicily has been a meeting place, trading post, and site of conquest and interaction for many different cultures and languages.  Diverse linguistic influences — including Greek, Arabic, Norman French, and Spanish — have shaped the sound system, lexicon, and syntax of Sicilian.

Currently considered a “vulnerable” language by UNESCO, Sicilian faces increasing pressure from standard Italian, though it remains stronger than nearly all other Italian language varieties. An estimated 72% of the population in Sicily itself is reported as speaking Sicilian, but most strong speakers today are older. Based on current trends, only a third of the population will speak Sicilian at the end of the 21st century (Coluzzi, 2008). Moreover, official use and presence in the media are minimal, with Standard Italian dominating these two domains and making Sicilian appear less relevant to some younger Sicilians.

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