Gabriele Ruggieri, owner of Gabriele’s Gourmet Foods

On the next Ciao St. Louis Italian radio program on WEW 770 AM, Michael J Cross will interview Gabriele Ruggieri, owner of Gabriele’s Gourmet Foods, an Italian specialty foods wholesaler in St. Louis. Listen live this Sunday, January 29, 2017 from 1PM until 3PM and catch your favorite Italian tunes with Michael L Santangelo’s “That’s Amore DJ” and also updates from the Italian-American community in St Louis. You can stream the show live at:

Gabriele has worked with International Chefs and Hotel Managers from London to Sydney, Miami to Istanbul, Milano to Phuket and many others in between. After the graduation in Marketing Management in Milan he decided to travel around the world learning from several fine dining restaurant and luxury hotels distinctiveness between the service concept, the value of the hospitality, how to select and determinate the most significant ingredients useful for his business. Gabriel’s Gourmet is an exclusive concept and Private Label created with the vision to promote artisanal Italian Products and the most glamorous food of Italy. Gabriele is focused on constantly researching for superior food ingredients to reflect his style, distinctiveness flavors, and providing exclusivity for his clients. Visit Gabriele’s website at:

Gabriele Ruggieri, owner of Gabriele’s Gourmet Foods,

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