Fraudulent Hill 2000 Community Site Run by Anonymous

Though the fraudulent site has been taken down, CIAO STL is still being criticized .  Much of the criticism come from the point that CIAO STL is not a resident of the Hill.  It is overlook that many people of Italian ancestry care about this community.   Myself, Rio Vitale have owned a number of properties on the Hill and I am member of St. Ambrose Church.   I want to see the St Ambrose Church and School flourish for many years to come.  I would appreciate if someone wrote a rebuttal, that is outside the “You Don’t Live Here” argument.


Fraudulent Hill 2000 Community site run by Anonymous

There are many Facebook pages that are fake, but this one is particular offensive to me:  The Hill St. Louis

This page was administered by Dan Rositano the former web ,developer of Hill 2000, who was hired by Hill 2000 when Joe Barbaglia was president and Tom Stremlau executive officer.   Dan Rositano was relieved of this assignment by Charlie Oldani the most recent Hill 2000 past president.

I have spoken with Tom Stremlau, Joe Barbaglia, Dan Rositano and other past and present Hill 2000 officers and directors.  None of these individuals claim to know who is the current administrator.  I have ask them to reset the password using the email that created this account but none claim ownership of that.

This is a complete breakdown of management by the past Hill 2000 board.  They have a Facebook page of 4,000 followers and no one controls what is posted on that page.   These post which have no name or party association.   This is the same manner is which we have found flyers, door hangers and other post against the Sansone Development.  The best thing that can be done is to unlike this page and lose it forever.

Just Saying, Rio Vitale





Here is a link to the Official Hill 2000 page

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