Fiat 124 Spider Abarth – At Last

This past Saturday, the Jim Butler Fiat located at 11157 Lindbergh Business Ct., St. Louis, MO 63123  gave me a call and told me that they had the new Fiat 124 Spider Abarth model in the showroom.  I had stopped in a few weeks before Columbus Day to discuss this car and expressed an interest.  They were expecting it to arrive in February or March of 2017, but this was a pleasant surprise.  These are limited edition cars and they have three or four already spoken for with a manual transmission.  This one was an automatic and available, so I decided to go up for a test drive.

When I got there the car was inside and I started taking some pictures.  I was most interested in the design of the car and its lines.  I had them take it outside and recall someone telling me that Italians are the best designers but not the greatest engineers.  This design was truly an Italian design, with superior engineering.  Growing up during the 1970’s as an Italian-American teenage, my dream was to own a Fiat X19, or Spitfire. The advice you get from the older generation is “You know what FIAT stands for? Fix It Again Tony.”  I have a better one than that “Patience is a Virtue”.

This is a fun car to drive, reliable with the latest technology and engineering. Next to the Mazda, the 124’s nose looks longer and more upright. In back, the extra length yields a larger trunk opening and an extra 0.4 cubic foot of capacity. The shape of the headlight cutouts, the hood bulges, and the kink in the doors are all lifted straight from Pininfarina’s design. When the engine is broken in, I’ll strap the GoCam on and take it for a real drive.

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