By Marianne Peri Sack

The annual Corpus Christi Procession was held at St. Ambrose Church on Sunday, June 18, after the 11:00 Mass which was con-celebrated by Monsignor Vincent Bommarito and Monsignor Salvatore Polizzi. Immediately after the Mass, the congregation began lining up in front of the church. Parish members lead the way carrying the cross and candles. Anthony Garavaglia served as leader and director of the procession assisted by his son, Jim, in a tradition that started with the senior Garavaglia’s father. Monsignor Bommarito walked with the Monstrance under a gold-fringed canopy carried by men of the parish.

The canopy was flanked along the route by elegantly-dressed Knights of Columbus. Behind them walked the parishioners and friends who are faithful participants annually in an attempt to keep this ancient tradition alive for future generations. Golf carts rolled along with the procession bearing those who no longer had the strength to walk the entire route. A few neighbors came out on their porches or stood along the sidewalks to watch. The procession moved slowly and reverently between the three erected altars set up along the route. Hymns were sung and prayers recited between altars and at each altar the Blessed Sacrament was exposed and the beatitudes recited.

The first altar at Wilson and Edwards had a round dome on top and the Edwards and Botanical location had a statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague that was the focal point. The last one on Botanical and Marconi had green garland and bouquets of red roses. Kneelers, on top of carpets, had been placed in front of all the altars for the priests to kneel. At the procession’s end, everyone entered the church for the last prayers and benediction. Monsignor Bommarito invited all to attend the lunch in the school cafeteria.

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