COMITES (Committee of Italian Abroad) by Angelo Sita




The COMITES (Committee of Italian Abroad) are an Italian government entity elected to represent the Italian citizens living in the United States to the Italian consulate, regional and local authorities as well as agencies and associations within the consular jurisdiction, in matters of social, cultural and civic nature for the benefit of the Italian community. The COMITES are designed to allow Italian nationals living in the United States to actively participate in Italian communities.

The COMITES Chicago works with the Italian Consular Office in Chicago and that office serves the states off: Illinois, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. It is made up of 12 members, three of whom reside in the St. Louis metropolitan area. These members hold office for five years and not paid for their service. The COMITES promote the interest of Italian citizens by establishing programs of a cultural, educational, social or charitable nature. It also can offer proposals, suggestions and opinions about projects to the Italian Consular office

If you would to contact one of the members of the COMITIES in St. Louis their contact information is:
Angelo Sita

Antony Gandolfo

Frank Galati

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