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First Team JUVENTUS Official Trailer NEW (2018) Netflix Documentary Series

If you have Netflix check out this series. Even if you don’t like Juve it is very interesting. A great look into top tier professional soccer. Da non perdere. Don’t miss it.

First Team JUVENTUS Official Trailer #1 NEW (2018) Netflix Documentary Series HD A look behind the scenes of Juventus FC. Follow the club during the 2017-2018 both on and off the field, with interviews to legends like Alessandro Del Piero and players like Federico Bernardeschi, Giorgio Chiellini, Douglas Costa, Gonzalo Higuaín, Claudio Marchisio, Miralem Pjanic, Daniele Rugani, the captain Gianluigi Buffon and the coach Massimiliano Allegri. Watch

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How to Make a Colomba, a Traditional Italian Easter Cake

Surprise and delight your friends and family this Easter with a traditional Italian treat — colomba!

“Colomba” means “dove” and is an important Catholic symbol. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll have the aromas of Italy filing up your kitchen in no time! Thanks to Simona of Walks of Italy for letting us use her kitchen, and showing her family recipe. Buona Pasqua! (Happy Easter!)

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Buona Pasqua Song (Happy Easter) by Renato Carosone

Buona Pasqua Song by Renato Carosone


Renato Carosone (3 January 1920 – 20 May 2001), born Renato Carusone, was among the greatest figures of Italian music scene in the second half of the 20th century. He was also a modern performer of the so-called canzone napoletana, Naples’ song tradition.

Carosone, first of three siblings, was born in Naples. He studied piano at the Naples Conservatory and obtained his diploma in 1937, when he was just 17. Soon after he signed a contract as a band leader for a tour of Africa, which resulted in him working in Addis Ababa as a pianist. Here he would become a prominent figure of the music scene, performing with his band on several occasions. He returned to Italy only in 1946, after the end of World War II.

Despite his success abroad, Carosone was a stranger to Italian audiences. He had to start his career afresh, playing the piano for small dance-hall bands. These new performances were strongly influenced by the new rhythms and music styles he had encountered during his ten years’ absence from the Italian music scene.

Buona Pasqua

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Italian Film Festival St Louis April 6 -28, 2018

Save the dates: April 6-28
Enjoy ten recent Italian films and a program of short films at the 2018 Italian Film Festival USA of St. Louis.
Free Admission
Screenings held at Washington University (WU), St. Louis Community College (STLCC), St. Louis University (SLU), and Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC).
Sponsored by Volpi Foods, Lou Smith in memory of Jeff LeGrand, the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago and the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis. In collaboration with WU’s Program in Film and Media Studies, Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures, SLU, STLCC and SWIC.


AT WAR FOR LOVE •  Director, Pierfrancesco Diliberto, Comedy, 2016, 99 min.
Friday, April 6 • 7:00 p.m. • SLU, Busch Auditorium, Cook Hall, 3684 Lindell Blvd.
SHORT FILM PROGRAM •  Comedy, Drama, Animation, 2017, 120 min.
Saturday, April 7 • 7:00 p.m.  • SWIC, Liberal Arts Theatre, 2500 Carlyle Ave., Belleville
THE ORDER OF THINGS •  Director, Andrea Segre, Drama, 2017, 112 min.
Friday, April 13 • 7:30 p.m. • WUSTL, Jerzewiak Family Auditorium, Laboratory Sciences Building
CUCINÌ •  Director, Ciro Fabbricino, Documentary, 2017, 54 min.
Saturday, April 14 •  5:30 p.m. • WUSTL, Jerzewiak Family Auditorium, Laboratory Sciences Building
Saturday, April 28 •  5:30 p.m. • WUSTL, Jerzewiak Family Auditorium, Laboratory Sciences Building
IT’S ALL ABOUT KARMA •  Director, Edoardo Falcone, Comedy, 2017, 90 min.
Saturday, April 14 • 7:30 p.m. • WUSTL, Jerzewiak Family Auditorium, Laboratory Sciences Building
WORLDLY GIRL •  Director, Marco Danieli, Drama, 2016, 101 min.
Friday, April 20 • 7:30 p.m.  • WUSTL, Brown Hall
FUNNE, SEA DREAMING GIRLS • Director, Katia Bernardi, Documentary, 2016, 78 min.
Saturday, April 21 • 5:30 p.m.  • WUSTL, Brown Hall
IT’S THE LAW •  Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone, Comedy, 2017, 92 min.
Saturday, April 21 • 7:30 p.m. • WUSTL, Brown Hall
EASY  •Director, Andrea Magnani, Comedy, 2017, 91 min.
Film Sponsor: CIAO
Tuesday, April 24 • 7:00 p.m. • STLCC-Florissant Valley, Terry M. Fischer Theatre, 3400 Pershall Rd.
♦ Special appearance by director Magnani ♦
THE LAST PROSECCO •  Director, Antonio Padovan, Drama, 2017, 102 min.
Friday, April 27 • 7:00 p.m. • STLCC-Meramec Theatre, 11333 Big Bend Rd.
Film Sponsor: Comunità degli italiani
♦ Special appearance by director Padovan and co-producer Alessia Gatti ♦
FRIENDS BY CHANCE •  Director, Francesco Bruni, Drama, 2017, 106 min.
Film Sponsor: Julie and Nicholas Poulos
Saturday, April 28 • 7:30 p.m.  • WUSTL, Jerzewiak Family Auditorium, Laboratory Sciences Building
See you at the movies!
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My Top 5 Italian Indie Bands

During my 6 months exchange here at UKC, the thing I have probably missed the most was concert season for all my favourite Italian indie bands. So, to make up for it, I am going to tell you all about them and why I love them so much.

Fast Animals and Slow Kids – Also known as FASK, they are the band that first got me into Italian indie, because my Tumblr crush at the time really loved them, so I had to love them as well. They have been around for over a decade now, starting off in central Italy’s Perugia. They have released four albums, but never forget their origins and humbly start every live show stating the band’s name and where they come from, as if they were just introducing the main band and needed audience to remember them. Over the years their emo and punk rock sound has become even more gritty and hardcore. They are the band you want to go see live during exam season – scream from the top of your lungs, jump and push for two hours straight and get all your stress out. I have seen them live five times now and the best memories I made are losing a shoe, my bra constantly unclasping from how much I was jumping around, and drenching my shirt in sweat. Their music is pure energy, and you would not tell that they seclude themselves in the rural Italian countryside to write and record all their songs. The best part though – they go drink a beer with their fans after every show.

Favourite lyrics, from ‘Te lo prometto’: “We will be friend/ I promise you/ I already have a couple of ideas/ To make you unhappy/ I can ruin everything and I will/ It’s a tendency to distress* / That I can’t contain anymore/ I can’t contain myself anymore”

I cani – This was the second indie band I fell in love with. They cannot actually be called a band since they only have one member, Niccolò Contessa, though he never performs alone and he calls I cani – literally “the dogs” – a project more than a band. During their prime years, now gone, they were the epitome of hipsterdom, with songs titled ‘Wes Anderson and ‘Hipsteria. Their sound is more mellow, and they mostly fall into synth pop and the electro/techno genre.

Favourite lyrics, from ‘Il posto più freddo’: “Cause now the night is gone and the drugs have come down/ Here for you is the loneliest creature in the world/ And the shivers come up from the legs to the chest/ The coldest place is right here in my bed/ Please stay with me another moment/ Please stay with me till I fall asleep”

Calcutta – Another one-man band, Calcutta is one of the newest faces in the Italian indie scene, with his first successful album Mainstream being released in 2015. He has a wide variety of influences, from Italian singer-songwriters of the 60s to tropical and Brazilian beats. What mostly stand out are his lyrics; apparently nonsensical, they mostly aim to evoke an atmosphere. He was also recently involved in a controversy, as he was paid €5000 by the city of Bologna for the playlist that was going to be played in the town’s square on New Year’s, but not DJed by anyone.

Favourite lyrics, from ‘Gaetano’: “I painted a swastika in the centre of Bologna/ But it was just to start a fight/ I didn’t want to party and I needed a pretext/ To let you go”

[Trust me, I’m from Bologna, it’s fine, we are not offended by the swastika thing. We actually have meme-events on Facebook about going to find that piece of graffiti.]

Willie Peyote – Guglielmo “Willie” is a rapper more prominent in the indie scene than in rap. When I first saw him live it was the first time he was playing in a venue that made Italian indie history, and he couldn’t believe he was performing there as well. If you saw him you would not think his stage name is of a psychoactive drug: scrawny and nerdy with glasses, but he can rap fast. He has a funky sound and his lyrics are smart and play with words and your expectations.

Favourite lyrics, form ‘C’era una vodka’: “I have had issues with alcohol in the past/ But now everything is fine/ We got back together”

Ex-Otago – They are my new love. Their style can only be described as indie pop, whatever that oxymoron means. What I most like about them are the very simple beats you cannot stay still to. Their lyrics are very simple as well, you will remember the chorus after the first listen and sing along every time after that. They are the band I listen to while making dinner, cleaning my room and folding laundry. They are even approved by my British housemate who only listens to grime.

Favourite lyrics, from ‘Quando sono con te’: “When I’m with you/ I feel inside me/ A racket, a music/ And I don’t know where it comes from/ And it probably doesn’t have a name/ But it caresses me and it invades me”

Italian indie can take on many different faces and sounds. So why do I like it so much? Well, firstly, it is not just me. I feel that this genre of music is what most of my generation back home listens to. It just gets us. They understand what being a 20-something in a messed-up country means. Recurring themes and lyrics in these artists’ songs are about not seeing a future for yourself, an inability to communicate and to create meaningful interpersonal relationships. There is an overarching feeling of instability and uncertainty, feelings that pervade everyone in their 20s but I feel are extremely prominent in my country, were people have not been able to see a future for themselves since the 2008 financial crisis. The one verse that I feel encompasses this feeling the most is from Fast Animals and Slow Kids and it says: “Hopes when you are 20 ears old, being still but feeling distant”. We do not listen to this kind of music to get even more depressed about our situation, but to connect with people from our generation that get it as well. It is a for of escapism from the older generations that screwed everything up for us and are now telling us to that we are not working hard enough.

My hope is to have widened your horizon of what is out there in the indie music scene, and to have showed you how other people can relate to music. Maybe you will pick up one of those bands, even if you don’t understand a word they are saying.


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Italian Heritage Night at Busch Stadium July 29, 2018 Cards vs Cubs 7:00 pm



St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs
Italian Heritage Night at Busch Stadium
All tickets are located in Big MacLand
This is a nationally televised game.
Ticket price $30 by phone only.
Face value is $58 and that is before handling fees.
Savings of 50%
Call Rio Vitale 314-846-5802

If your ticket does not have
Italian American Heritage Night
printed on the ticket you will not be part of the party.

Only Ciao St Louis is hosting the event

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Italian Film Festival Schedule St Louis MO: April 6th – April 28th, 2018


Click on the movie poster for a description of the film.
Click on the venue for directions.

In guerra per amore Shorts L'ordine delle cose
April 6, 7:00 p.m. April 7, 7:00 p.m. April 13, 7:30 p.m.
Busch Auditorium,
St. Louis University
Liberal Arts Theatre,
Southwestern Illinois College
Jerzewiak Family Auditorium
Lab Sciences 300,
Washington University
Cucini Questione di karma La ragazza del mondo
April 14, 5:30 p.m. April 14, 7:30 p.m. April 20, 7:30 p.m.
Jerzewiak Family Auditorium
Lab Sciences 300,
Washington University
Jerzewiak Family Auditorium
Lab Sciences 300,
Washington University
Brown Hall 100,
Washington University
Funne L'ora legale Easy
April 21, 5:30 p.m. April 21, 7:30 p.m. April 24, 7:00 p.m.
Brown Hall 100,
Washington University
Brown Hall 100,
Washington University
Terry M. Fischer Theatre,
St. Louis Community College,
Florissant Valley
The Last Prosecco Cucini Tutto quello che vuoi
April 27, 7:00 p.m. April 28, 5:30 p.m. April 28, 7:30 p.m.
Mermec Theatre,
St. Louis Community College,
Jerzewiak Family Auditorium
Lab Sciences 300,
Washington University
Jerzewiak Family Auditorium
Lab Sciences 300,
Washington University
Cliccare qui per il programma in PDF
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Recipe: The lamb with almond paste

The lamb with almond paste

One of the typical sweets of the Easter tradition in Puglia and ‘lamb with almond paste . Thealmond paste (also called real pasta ) is very similar to marzipan , with the difference that one is the raw, cooked, and the other is prepared with one of the typical fruits of Puglia : the almond .The origin of this traditional pasta cake is quite uncertain and confused. According to some, it would have been invented by a monk from Lecce who in 1680 wrote the recipe. However, they appear references to this sweet even in ” De honesta voluptate et valetudine” written byBartolomeo Sacchi said Platina , humanist and Italian gastronome of 1400. Some even think that the characteristics of this will postpone pasta in a sense to the kitchen Arab and in fact there is an Arabic manuscript of 1226 which speaks of Faludhaj, ancestor of the almond paste.You could go even further back in time, to the Romans and the Etruscans , but it is better to stop and return to Apulia . Here, with the aid of special molds are made sheep and lambs in almond paste, which refer to the Christian tradition and symbolize the sacrifice of Christ .

– 500 g peeled almonds

– 500 g of powdered sugar

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

– 1 DL water

– cinnamon to taste



Chop finely the almonds in a blender. Mix the water with the sugar and pour the mixture into a saucepan. Heat the mixture on low heat, stirring, until the sugar begins to spin. At this point, remove from heat and stir in the vanilla and cinnamon and stir the mixture vigorously.

Given a homogeneous paste, pour it onto a slightly damp floor and continue to work the dough with hands until smooth and be compact. Form a ball and let it dry for about 1 day.

After this time use a mold shaped like a sheep, or working the dough with hands to shape it. Let dry the sheep for about two days.

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