Comites of Chicago and your elected representatives for Italians in St. Louis

If you are an Italian Citizen or Dual Citizen living in the St. Louis Area you are represented by the Comites of Chicago.

CIAO Stl will report on the actives and duties of this office. As of this dated we are not aware of any accomplishments, activities or actions that have been planned or passed.  There are three representatives that were elected from the St. Louis Area.

Cav. Anthony Gandolfo
Frank Galati
Angelo Sita

Below you will find the Comites web site and how to contact your elected officials.  Please make them work for you.

Il Presidente del Comites di Chicago, Luigi Sciortino, rende noto che e’ ora operativo il sito

Si ricorda che il Comites é il Comitato degli italiani all’estero, un organo rappresentativo della comunità, eletto direttamente dagli italiani residenti all’estero ed iscritti all’AIRE.

Translation: The President of Comites Chicago, Luigi Sciortino, and announces that ‘now the site operational.

Remember that the Comites is the Committee of Italians Abroad, a representative body of the community, elected directly by Italians living abroad and registered with AIRE.



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